Get BOOSTBusiness to set up your GMB - Google Business $99

Fast Website creation and ready to trade in 24 hours
Fast Website creation and ready to trade in 24 hours
Fast Website creation and ready to trade in 24 hours
Fast Website creation and ready to trade in 24 hours

Fast Website creation and ready to trade in 24 hours

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Fast Website creation

A fully functioning e-commerce website, Payment gateway, custom domain, theme - all set up ready to sell and go.

These days a website is essential. Let us create a bespoke and fast website for your business. The website will be set up ready to trade and handed over to you in a ready-to-go state.

Fast Website creation in 24 to 72 hours.

Purchase Website and complete details in form sent to you on payment.

Once completed please call 021525279 to set up appointment to discuss requirements. 72 hours starts after this meeting:)

  • Payment Gateway Set up
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Branding and Theme to your logo 

How Fast website creation works

The problem with dealing with most Web companies is two-fold;

  • You never know when the expense /costs are going to stop.
  • They rarely listen to you, seem to speak another language and consider success to be a “pretty” website.

There are numerous opportunities to purchase a website in New Zealand today. These range from six figure e-commerce sites to free website builders. A typical business only wants a website for one reason and that is to help potential customers make the decision to contact you or buy from you.

Most web developers do not have a marketing background and indeed are only really interested in how pretty or what new features they can add to your website.

In a small survey carried out in Mid 2014 we asked Businesses Owners and Managers that had purchased a web site in the previous 36 months what were the three biggest hassles in dealing with website developers?

There were a number of varied responses but the majority of responses were boiled down to the following three issues

  • “The developer didn’t seem to understand that we were only really interested in our customers and their needs and not features of a proposed website”
  • “They either couldn’t give us a fixed price or the fixed estimate they gave us was blown out”
  • “They were far too technical in our dealings with them”

Approximately half the businesses were either not happy with or disappointed with the end result.

We at BOOSTbusiness set about trying to “fix” the industry. We found that our niche would be combining our marketing expertise with optimised websites to give these customers exactly what they want. That is - “enquiries from potential and existing clients”

Marketing is the systemised process of removing obstacles that stand in the way between you and your customer and when you have a new business, product or event you are really only interested in one thing and that is sales.

Your business can have a set priced, templated, online presence attracting new customers, educate existing customers and be your non-stop businesses online presence working for you 24 hours per day.

Purchase a website now and start the process by downloading your Business profile Questionnaire. Your business will have a quick fully functional working website in days including

  • Your own domain name
  • Your domain email address
  • Contact collection Forms
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Third party newsletter
  • Website works on all devices
  • Social Media buttons
  • Google my business "GMB" set up
  • Optimised to be found by your customers
  • One to One training on uploading new content to your website
  • Payment gateway set up to accept credit cards and other forms of payment

In particular, your business can benefit from a BOOSTbusiness website if;

  • You need to start selling online quickly and offering delivery or local pick up options
  • You are a new business
  • If you want to drive more customers to your business
  • You want to seperate a product / service from your main web property
  • If you are launching a new service or product
  • If you are running a special event
  • If you are wanting to do Market Research
  • If you want to go online on a budget

BOOSTbusiness will take you through the process of investing in your website and in particular will show you step by step how to add value to your website and turn it into your most powerful source of new customers.

How it Works – The Process to fast website creation?

Working with BOOSTbusiness  is very simple You book, pay up and download the details in the Client Questionnaire. You send it to us. We contact you and carry out an in-depth interview.

We then engage our Web developer, Purchase your domain name, theme and get a design underway based on your needs.

Once we have this we have enough information to deliver your website within 24-72 hours.

Once the website is published we then take you through the simple process of adding content to your website and teach you the best way to make sure that your customers can find you. It's that simple!

How will my fast website drive customers to my business?

There are 3 ways in which people will find your website

  • Offline website marketing.
  • Online Marketing – Through social media, google etc.
  • Content Marketing to add value to your prospective new clients and building a valuable resource for your new customers.
    This raises your site above the competition and places you as an expert in your industry.

Driving Customers to your Website

Marketing your Website offline

This is often the most effective strategy for short term results.

There are various strategies and tactics that you can use to get people along to your site so that you can start collecting their information and adding them to your database of prospects.

These tactics may include offering something free, competitions, advertising or being mentioned by your local media as part of a news story.

Check out BOOST Business 8 step marketing page for an overview of how you can drive customers to your business and website for mostly free.

Paid Online Marketing

This is the quickest way to get clients visiting your site online. It costs you money for everyone that visits. This is often an early strategy because it provides quick short-term results.

This tactic takes a little time to get your head around.

Advertising usually still means having good relevant content for your customers (Lowers your costs) and a little basic research for what phrases and terms your customers are using when looking for services like yours.

Online advertising can eventually be replaced by having a good content marketing strategy that increases the amount of valuable relevant content for your clients on your site and being able to attract them (without paying for online advertising)

Content Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute - Content Marketing is the “marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” | Courtesy -

Whilst this is a bit of a mouthful we here at BOOSTbusiness have boiled this down to publishing and sharing information that adds value to your prospective clients to gradually build trust and get them to buy from you.

We work with you to publish a couple of articles to your site and then leave you the specific “How to” checklist steps and tactics to build this side of your business.

Over time Content Marketing replaces paid advertising with results gradually increasing with the amount of specific information on your site. Some businesses save thousands of dollars every month by getting “organic” or free traffic from google to replace paid advertising. It is very easy to find and publish content that is relevant to your customers. If you let your customers or prospective customers guide you then generally articles or content will fall under headings such as;

  • Information on Pricing and costs for your services and products
  • Comparison Articles – in other words, your service vs competitors service. Where does your service/product differ?
  • Problem articles – what are your customers looking for when they are searching for your product or service? How does your service solve their problem?
  • Review Articles.
  • Newsworthy information about your industry? Become an industry leader.

Once we have completed your website we spend one to one time with you to show you how to begin the Content Marketing this process by;

  • Showing you how to do basic research.
  • Showing you the specific steps to use this and shape your first couple of articles.
  • Showing you how to upload these to your website.
  • Show you how to promote these articles.

Over time your Content Marketing efforts will provide a huge return on investment and provide an ongoing steady flow of inquiries to your business. Your BOOSTbusiness consultant will get you started.