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Content Marketing | New Zealand

What is Content Marketing?

Your business can drive clients and customers through the clever strategic use of Content Marketing (Content Marketing Strategy). Content Marketing is becoming more prevalent in New Zealand as Google and other search engines slowly alter their algorithm to exclude all the optimisation “tricks” that were used to enable you to place your website high in search rankings.

What worked last year or even a few years ago now has a neutral effect or at worst a negative effect on where your website is placed in the search engine rankings.There are still a few “pointer” tactics that are required but these are largely overshadowed by the content you offer online or to be more specific how much value your content offers readers, users or potential customers.

Here is the golden rule “Publish content for your potential customers and customers that provides specific and real value to them”. When you do this a couple things happen; You build trust in your brand & your prospects will see you as an authority figure in your industry no matter which industry you are in.

People naturally seek out those who have provided value upfront. 

Content Marketing is generally a long term activity underpinned by a content marketing strategy. Social Media, Blogs, Emails, Eletters and other content distribution channels are merely part of the distribution of content. Using these channels without any thought to the overall content strategy rarely gives results.

How to use online Content Marketing in New Zealand to help businesses build a good client base requires time and subject knowledge of the burning questions form the target market in your industry. It fits squarely between paid advertising and offline traffic tactics. The first and immediate tactics are using services like adwords to pay for traffic to your site and offline web promotion tactics.

The long term game is about providing relevant, valuable and freely available content for your prospects and even current customers to use. How do you figure out what is relevant and valuable content? The only thing you need to do for this is to write and post content that answers the following questions.

  • Any question that your prospective clients are asking you
  • Any questions that your current clients are asking you

Posting Content means writing blog posts, videos and audio and publishing these.

Search engines will pick up on good quality content without too much trouble.

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